Saturday, June 18, 2011

San Ignacio's Gray Whales: What a Trip!

A couple of days at whale camp at San Ignacio lagoon on the Pacific side of the Baja is just not enough . . .
Here's me in all my SPF 30 gear scritching the head of a young gray whale. This "little" whale, way bigger than the panga, liked us enough to come back to visit two times of the four trips we made out into the middle of the water.
It's easier when the water's calm. The encounters I mean. There's a special area where pangas can wait for a whale or a mother and child to approach. I think no more than 16 boats can be there at a time. Most of the lagoon is exclusively for the whales with no humans allowed at any time.
There's tremendous respect for these wondrous creatures. They feel like memory foam mattresses . . . not fishy or slimy. Other folks may have a different reaction to touching a whale's body. Tell me what you felt! It all happens so fast . . . the boat is moving, you are moving around with the four or five other people in there, the guide has his camera, the person handling the motor is on the special radio, and all the while other whales are breeching up ahead and behind you, other pangas are having whale encounters, whales are everywhere.
March is a great time to be there . . . Check out Baja Expeditions online.
And my apologies for the delayed posting. It's true, things are happening!!