Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Wonderful Writer, True Friend

Today, I want to introduce you to a truly incredible writer, Judith K. Witherow.

She's a dear friend of mine, and she and her partner, Sue Lenaerts, maintain her Web site of poetry, prose, commentary, humor photos, and more. Visit Judith's Web site!

You'll be a better person for the visit, believe me. There are articles to read, poems and haikus to experience, and you'll learn first hand about Judith's outspoken, outrageous, heartfelt love of telling it like it is, and living life to the fullest no matter what.

Recently, Judith went out on her son's boat, and he took a wonderful photo of her. Take a look!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday, oh Friday

All my deadlines converged today in a perfect storm of do this now, which of course is an impossible task. Several poetry chapbook competitions due all at the same moment! Yikes!

Does everything have to turn into a mythic test? Well, yes. It's kind of fun, isn't it?

Especially when you're somebody like me -- a tad obsessive. I impose deadlines on myself for my own good. I think it has to do with having religiosity (don't you love that word?) conflicts as a child.

My grandpa was a Methodist, which according to my memory is a religion that makes sure to celebrate every child's birthday with a little cake the size of a coaster topped with a miniature carosel that actually played a tinkling rendition of the Birthday Song.

I'm not sure what these celebrations had to do with learning about the Method. For me, Sunday school was about parties or dress performances on the stage with the red velvet curtain in the church basement. I debuted "My Little Red Umbrella," to a throng of Methodists when I was 4.

I still remember the riotous applause. Those Methodists sure knew how to clap!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My first blog moment

Well, it seems that I now have a blog.

Is it possible? Is it true? Yes! I had no idea it's so easy.

And now that I have the blog, I'll be blogging daily? Posting poems? Cool photos? Deep thoughts?

Ah, whatever thoughts from the pond happen to float to the top. And, believe me, there's a lot floating around these days. Here's a photo of me in Cabo San Lucas around Halloween last year.

You'd think I never worked a day in my life, and vacation is my middle name. Ah if that were true . . .