Friday, April 20, 2012

Close Encounters with a Gray Whale

On YouTube, you'll find many short videos by everyday adventurers who did a great job of capturing a moment when someone in their panga petted -- or kissed -- a gray whale in San Ignacio Lagoon. These are wonderful moments.

But sometimes, a baby gray whale just teases the humans and doesn't get close enough to be touched. Here's a link to one of those "almost" encounters caught on video by our panga guide, Berto, from Antonio's Whale Camp, this March. Berto had his waterproof video camera attached to a long pole so that he could plunge it into the water to see what the "little" whale was doing down there under us while we waited patiently for it to surface. 

Enjoy! You'll have to paste this link into your browser.

Also, here's a photo of a successful whale encounter taken by Beth Styles in a panga just a short tail thrust from our panga. Left to right: Michael, Nancy, me (in the hat), Ann, and Maggie. It's truly a thrill to touch one of these ocean mammals. They feel impermeable, thick-skinned, and yet so soft. . . . and they purr!