Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Woodstock Redux -- See You in August?

Has it really been 40 years? I guess so. I'm not 21 anymore, that's for sure.

I remember 21 . . .

Back then dancing around in the rain on a slippery hillside was a lot of fun. No looking for a towel. No whining that my feet hurt. Just happy happy happy. Rain rain rain.

In 1969, we lived well without cell phones, Starbucks, DVDs, and iPods. We had vinyl records and lots of velvet.

Anyway, I keep thinking that a whole bunch of people my age will show up in Woodstock, NY, somwhere around Yazgur's farm, just for the fun of it.

Just to see who's still around. See you there?? Last time, we (Alice, Bill, Alison, and me) arrived in Alice's VW squareback on Thursday afternoon, August 14. We left a few hours after Hendrix's sunrise anthem on Monday, August 18. I know the dates now. Back then I had no idea what day it was . . . or where we were headed when it was over.

A time machine would be perfect, wouldn't it?? Peace . . .


  1. This just might work! I love this month's picture!
    Face it Meredith. We arrre getting a bit older--in pirate years.
    You are so lucky to have witnessed Hendrix playing of the Star Spangled Banner. Too much. Timing is everything. That's why it's great that we are usually a day late and a dollar short.
    Your blog is very insightful. Now, let's see if my replies reach you--which is also very telling.

  2. Hey your blog made it through cyberspace! Congrats and thank you for trying so many times!


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